Information Systems

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Modul: Information Systems
Studiengang: Internationale Betriebswirtschaft (B.A.)
Modul: M-1621
Lehrende(r): NN
Anzahl der Plätze: 5 Plätze
Credit Points: 5
Prüfung: Klausur
Prerequisites for attending: English C1

Foundations of Computer Science
·       Basic theoretical computer science, number systems, data formats, encoding, signal information
·       Fundamentals of computer technology hardware, components, physical and technical foundations
·       Fundamentals of operating systems and software
·       History of computer science and computer engineering

Foundations of Computer Science in Business, Media Computer Science
·       Data and formats for text, image, sound and moving image
·       Data transportation and storage in business context, strategies and techniques.
Security, redundancy

Networks and Internet
·       Networks: LAN and WAN, Intranet and Internet, OSI model, TCP/IP, establishing a network
·       Internet services, HTTP, FTP, domains, name-server, ISP
·       History of the Internet

Web and Social Media
·       Protocols and services for the web, web technologies/protocols
·       Web site development: introduction to HTML and CSS
·       Web design: Introduction to web design, CI-conformity, usability
·       Introduction to Content Management Systems
·       Big Data, Data Visualization, Cloud Computing, Principles and Techniques
·       Web 2.0 (social web): Introduction to use in business
.    Development of information technology, inter- network use, technological development in different countries


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