Fundamentals of Communication Management

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Course: Fundamentals of Communication Management
Study programme: IBACM
Course No.: M-2604
Lecturers: Ante
Total number of available places: 4
Credit Points:  5 ECTS
Testing Category: written exam 1h


This module introduces communication management as a procedural field of organizations by providing a multidisciplinary combination of contents from communication sciences, organizational studies and management. Technological change and organisational development as well as actors’ reaction towards these transformations are also a building block of the module. The module’s scope is to provide a background and resource to learn and follow up communication procedures within a company.

Dienstag 09:00-13:30
SRH Hochschule Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10
10587 Berlin
Room H.117/H.805 (27.11.2018)/H.104 (04.12.2018), nicht am 30.10.2018