Consumer + Advertising Psychology

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Course: Consumer + Advertising Psychology
Study Programme: B.A. Advertising, B.A. Marketingkommmunikation
Course-No.: DAB-BAAD-005
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Henning Kreis
Total available places: 5
Credit Points: 5 ECTS
Contact Hours: 48
Examination form: Written examination
Course language: english

The aim of the module is to familiarize students with the basic theoretical approaches to consumer and advertising psychology. They will be able to derive implications for marketing practice from these theoretical foundations.
The focus of this module is on the imparting of professional competences. The students get to know and evaluate important concepts, theories and empirical studies of the subject. Relevant concepts, theories and results from consumer and advertising psychology are presented and discussed with the students (group work, marble group, etc.) on their usefulness in marketing practice. The students will also get glimpse into different methods of psychological research (i.e. experiments) and thus expand their methodological competence. Social and self-competence are also promoted in this course - but to a lesser extent. Since the emphasis is on the professional knowledge, a written exam examines the achievement of the competence goals.

Mo 14.10.19  12:30-15:45 (2.02)
Mo 28.10.19  12:30-15:45 (2.03)
Mo 11.11.19  12:30-15:45 (2.03)
Mo 18.11.19  12:30-15:45 (2.05)
Mo 25.11.19  12:30-15:45 (2.01)
Mo 9.12.19  12:30-15:45 (2.03)
Mo 16.12.19  12:30-16:30 (2.03)
Mo 6.1.20    14:15-15:45 (2.03)
Mo 13.1.20  14:15-15:45 (2.01)
Mo 20.1.20  14:15-15:45 (2.03)
Mo 27.1.20  14:15-15:45 (2.01)
Di 28.1.20   9:00-13:15 (1.07)
Di 4.2.20    9:00-13:15 (2.03)

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