Advertising Film I

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Course: Advertising Film I
Study Programme: B.A. Advertising
Course-No.: DAB-BAAD-004
Lecturer: Prof. Gilbert Beronneneau
Total available places: 5
Credit Points: 5 ECTS
Contact Hours: 48
Examination form: Presentation
Course language: english

Students learn the basics of audiovisual communication and can apply them in the context of the conception of an advertising spot in the context of contract communication.
They are able to develop the spot textually and visually on the basis of research and the application of marketing communicative basics and derive it communicatively.
In the ongoing process of research, conception and creation, the students are able to take up professional feedback and process it productively. Students are able to document and present their work process during research, conception and creation.
They can make creative and communicative decisions and represent them to the outside world.
The students develop the cinematic concept, including documentation of the communicative derivation, on their own responsibility and in a result-oriented manner.


Film Camera, Light, Studio
jeweils 9:00-12:15
Mo 28.10. (Filmstudio 1.08)
Mo 11.11. (Audimax)
Mo 18.11. (Filmstudio 1.08)
Di 19.11. (Filmstudio 1.08)
Mo 25.11. (Filmstudio 1.08)
Di 26.11. (Filmstudio 1.08)

Filmmaking for Advertising
jeweils 9:00-12:15
Mo 16.12. (Filmstudio 1.08)
Mo 23.12. (Filmstudio 1.08)
Mo 6.1.20 (Filmstudio 1.08)
Mo 20.1.20 (Filmstudio 1.08)
Di 21.1.20 (1.01)
MO 27.1.20 (Filmstudio 1.08)

Berlin School of Design and Communication
Prinzenstraße 84.1
10969 Berlin