Writing for Advertising I

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Course: Writing for Advertising I
Study Programme: B.A. Advertising
Lecturer: Prof. Borchardt
Total available places: 3
Contact hours: 32
Course language:

Students will be able to identify the particularities of writing for advertising communication. They can name different text elements and their different requirements and tasks. They can develop ideas for given tasks for the different text elements and also use rhetorical stylistic devices. They can create combination of text and image. They can develop a motif series that works with a homogeneous textual characteristic style across the motifs.

The aim of the module is to enable students to know the requirements and principles of advertising texts and to be able to produce advertising texts themselves. Students can use textual tools such as rhetorical stylistic devices and trigger words in a meaningful way.

TUES 9:00 - 11:15 starting 9.4. until 25.6.19 (in 1.01)
Please note: 11.6. in room 2.05 and on 25.6. only 9:00-10:30

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