Advertising Conception

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Course: Advertising Conception
Study Programme: B.A. Advertising
Course-No.: DAB-BAAD-01
Lecturer: Prof. Barbara Hertwig
Total available places: 5
Credit Points: 5 ECTS
Contact Hours: 48 hours
Examination form: Presentation
Course language: english

Students can develop target-oriented communication strategies that are capable of achieving perceptual, attitudinal and action-oriented goals.
This competence corresponds to the typical, job-related requirements in the context of advertising communication in agencies and companies.

The students can determine the task-related and relevant environmental conditions and formulate and select strategic options on this basis.
They can select targeted communication instruments and measures to achieve verifiable communication goals and put together an effective communication mix.
Students can identify, quantify and qualitatively describe target group potentials. They can confidently develop an effective positioning strategy and formulate a creation briefing based on it.
Students will be able to explain and discuss the communication strategy in a presentation.

Blockmodul (5 Wochen)

Advertising Concepts
Mo 21.10. von 9:00-16:00 (2.03)
Mi 23.10. 9:00-16:00
Do 24.10. 9:00-12:15
Do 31.10. 9:00-12:15

Communication Concept + Positioning
Mi 30.10. 9:00-14:00
Mo 4.11. 9:00-12:15 und 12:30-15:00
Di 5.11. 10:30-14:00
Mi 6.11. 9:00-15:00

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