Negotiation and Conflict Management

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Course: Negotiation and Conflict Management
Study programme: M.A. International Management (IIM Gruppe)
Lecturer: Prof. Bert Eichhorn
Total number of available places: 3
Credit Points:  6 ECTS
Prerequisites for attending: B2/C1 English

The module “Negotiation and Conflict Management” as part of the focal discipline Contract Management has two different priorities: Firstly, it deals with negotiation management, the preparation, realization and termination of negotiation regardless of a national legal order. When it comes to realization, Harvard-method negotiation and intercultural issues are focal aspects. Secondly, it deals with conflict management. The subject will be legal conflict management in continental-European and Anglo-American practice. Methods and solutions of mediation and arbitration are discussed in order to understand and learn how to apply legal options of conflict management in companies.

Please note that this Master course is already starting at the beginning of March!

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