Coporate Finance

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Course: Coporate Finance (english)
Study Programme: B.A. International Business Administration
Modul: M-2211/BA11
Lecturer: Thomas Morse
Total available places: 5
Credit Points: 5 ECTS
Prerequisites for attending: English B2

• Methods of investment appraisal (static and dynamic)
• Capital market theory and capital costs
• Forms of finance (equity and debt financing, mezzanine financing, leasing, internal financing)
• Long-term financial planning (esp. financial structure decisions and dividend policy)
• Short-term financial planning (esp. cash budgeting and working capital management)• Financial risk management (in particular interest rate and currency hedging)
• Optional special topics of corporate finance (international corporate financing, mergers & acquisitions, investor relations management)

Wednesday 09:00-13:30 - only on April 17th 2019 (H.202)
Tuesdays 14:00-18:45 - starting on May 7th until July 9th, no lesson on June 11th 2019 (H.103)

SRH Hochschule Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10
10587 Berlin
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